Zip through 200m across towers at 40m height and feel the adrenaline flow on our Zipline. Best Ziplining experience in Pushkar, Rajasthan.

Quad-Biking (Polaris ATV)

Quench your thirst for adventure on Polaris 90cc and 200cc Quad-Bikes on specially prepared terrain at Xcapade.


Roll down on a gently inclined path in cushioned giant plastic ball tied securely at one end. Have fun as you rumble & tumble down.

Bungee Trampoline

Feel the spring in your body as you swing up & down. Experience the thrill of Bungee while tied to safety harness between two giant poles

Army Obstacle Course

Check your stamina and mental prowess as you navigate through obstacles such as Burma Bridge, Swinging Plank, Block Bridge and Commando Tunnel at Xcapade, Rajasthan.

Paint Ball Arena

Playful war between friends, family and colleagues. Great team building activity. Eliminate your opponents from play by hitting them with dye-filled, breakable, oil and gelatin paintballs

Cricket Bowling Machine

Practice your Cricket Batting skills or Show off your favourite shot with our automated bowling machine. Get Set, Pad up and Bat away to glory in the Practice nets at Xcapade, Ajmer.

Archery Range

Archery, one of the oldest sports still practiced. Rajasthan royals are known for their skills with the Bow and Arrow. Aim high and Aim Right. Improve your archery skills or compete with friends at Xcapade, Pushkar, Ajmer.

Body Zorb

Body Zorbing, a group activity, your upper body is encased in zorbs, while your legs are free to run from your opponents trying to knock you over!

Rocket Ejector

Fly upto Four Floors high with our Rocket ejector while tied to your safety harness at Xcapade and see the beautiful skyline from a great vantage point

Rock Climbing

Climb up and down a 40ft. high Rock Climbing tower which gives you feel of climbing a real Aravali hill. No mountaineering experience required :-P


Rappel down a straight 40ft high block of tower and compete with your friends on speed and accuracy. Technique is the key here. Trust our trainers.

Team Building Activities

Get your team to gel and bond together with several specially designed Team Building activities designed specially by our in house team of experts.

Dune Bashing/ Dune Safari

Surf the dunes of Sand at Pushkar in Maruti Gypsy 4X4 and Enjoy the sunset with a beautiful hue over the horizon.